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Dayana Alequin, she has been practicing in the field for about 15 years. Counselor/Therapist has a bachelors degree, a masters degree, more than 3,000 hours of supervised practice after graduation, and an independent license to offer services. Received more than 500 hours of training and education in Health, wellness and life coaching.

You can access a behavioral health specialist from the comfort of your home, office, car all easily either by a phone call or a video call. You also have a choice of receiving health coaching, life coaching or therapy sessions.

We all lead busy lifestyles, setting appointments outside our homes, offices or out of our commute take significant time of our life's in planning, driving and taking out of our important work, career, family or life schedules. Having an option to connect with your therapist via video session or phone, saves time by eliminating the commute or time spent in relocating to a different location or office. We provided easy online scheduling without having to wait for staff to return calls for appointments requests. You choose when is a good time for you to talk.

Once you have scheduled your time slot in the Call Therapy calendar and secure payment. Your therapist/counselor/coach will call you at the phone number you have provided on the scheduler. Please make a note when scheduling, to notify, if you would like to have your session via phone or via video phone call. Some restrictions apply if utilizing health insurance, due to compliance rules.

It depends on your personality and whether you get easily distracted. Some people believe, that the therapeutic benefits are higher from the call therapy because there are no other distractions; most of the time is spent concentrating on words, feelings and conversations. Rather than on how the person or their décor looks thru the video. Working together only thru phone helps some people to make it easier for them to open up more quickly.  Still, other people believe video is important to see who they are talking with and to see facial expressions. Please note, video sessions are required for some specific sessions such as mental health therapy in from certain health insurance. Coaching calls and self paid sessions are completely up to the client to decide.

You can message us HERE with your specific request, or email us at info@CallTherapy.com . Specific requests will be honored if possible.

We understand emergencies and illnesses can happen. Unfortunately, we are not offering reimbursements for missed appointments. Once a payment has gone thru, our policy is that there are no returns. If you utilized the 48 hour notice cancellation policy you can re-schedule your appointment.

At this time we are not accepting health insurance. Please call your insurance policy carrier if you would like to utilize tele behavioral health and they will educate you on what are the choices for your providers.

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